Through rigorous quality management, we strive to ensure product reliability.


  • Heat treated rod(s45c)

    High-frequency Quenching
    Products are manufactured in large quantities, by removing residual stress inside the material using high frequency heat treatment and tempering.
  • Heat treated plating rod(s45c)

    High frequency quenching
    Hard chromiun plating shaft for rust prevention.
  • Standard L.M SHAFT(SUJ2)

    High-frequency Quenching
    With advanced grinding technology, high degrees of out-of-roundness, cylindricity, straightness, and surface roughness are maintained.
  • Stainless shaft

    High-frequency Quenching
    This product is exclusively used for ball bush shaft and excellent in corrosion resistance.
  • Hollow shaft

    High-frequency Quenching
    Using the inner diameter of the hollow shaft (pipe), this product will significantly make electric wiring, hydraulic piping, and various devices light-weight and simple.


  • CEOGreetings
    Through rigorous quality management, Mijutech Co., Ltd. strive to ensure product reliability.
  • History
    History of Mijutech as a manufacturer of Ground rod and hydraulic cylinder rods.
  • Certificate
    Mijutech creates top customer value through top quality.
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